Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On Sunday we had PLANS! Hubby and I dropped the kids off down the road at his parent's house for the day and off we went! We drove over to the next town because we'd heard they had a Farmers Market and they did!!! Here is hubby posing for the picture.

Lots of great stuff...gladioli, potatos, zuccini, carrots, beets, peaches-n-cream corn, pickling cucs, green beans and yellow beans, giant spanish onions, ontario garlic, peaches, apples, plums...there were also fresh baked goods, handmade furniture, organic beef and poultry that are raised locally. What a goldmine!!! We bought beans, onions, carrots, corn, and a few all-natural meat pies for dinner. They were delish.

Then, on the way home, we passed another local orchard's marketplace. It was awesome inside too. Local honey, local maple syrup, local eggs, local cheeses, local breads, local ice cream and dairy. And all sorts of great produce too.

Finally, I got some mums for my porch. I would like to have grown the from seed or other crunchy thought, but I bought them from Canadian Tire. They are just beautiful. If I plant them in the garden now, do you think they will come again next year or do they not have time to root?

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