Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Holding steady at 38.5c and 45% humidity. PERFECT!!!

However....Ack! I had a temperature spike last night! My husband slept in the basement last night and that's why. My incubator is incredibly sensitive to ambient temperature....I have it in the most temperature-stable room in the house. A basement room with no windows and no vents. It is, however, affected by the temperature of the family room, right next to it.

So, with DH snoring away and creating the Sleep Inferno, as I call his internal furnace, the temp went up slightly on the eggs. It went up to 104f...which is high. But not quite as high as 105f...which can cook the eggs. Hopefully nothing comes of it...but it we don't get a hatch, this is what I'm blaming. So, DH can't sleep in the basement anymore. LOL.

Today is Day 5. Only 12 more to go.

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